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We’re utilitarian people. That’s what the fuck we do. We see the shit, we bomb it, we fuck it, we grind it. It’s the same old shit every day. That’s what we do. 

Jake Phelps 🕶️ Still Watching | Village Psychic Interview

Nomad Skateboarding

What We’re About | Simple Version

Mission Statement: Provide enough free resources to allow any skateboarder to be a Digital Nomad*

*or just join our skateboarding Community & follow our News for some cool shit & good people

Skateboarding | Red Highlight

Skateboarding Is Always A Community

Think of our Forums & Groups like the SLAP Message Boards… Sans trolls.

Nomading | Green Highlight

Skateboarders Are Nomadic By Nature

Digital Nomad is trending. Skateboarders have been both since the beginning.

Nomad Skateboarding isn’t another cut & paste skateboarding website.

A main issue you will see highlighted here at NSB is one of ownership of content and persona.

Owning your own content, your own effort, and your own experience is not only valuable, it’s important.

Fuck the G-rides, I want the machines that are making them…

Rage Against The Machine – Down Rodeo

Nomad Skateboarding (*NSB) website itself is an example of what you can do with complete ownership of your content/brand/life.

*You can’t have NSB, Nike. We’ve been doing this since 1980.

We Don’t…

We don’t have any ads or ‘affiliates’

We don’t use Google Analytics or Any trackers to monetize anything

We don’t have any ‘free’ deals to send after you give us your email so we can sell your information to companies you wouldn’t want to have your information