i help businesses begin (humans flourish) and build websites using wordpress, my time, and my money

i live nomadically, *skateboarding across the world and through life, mostly outside sleeping in my six moon designs tent.

i’m sharing everything (still for free, though donations appreciated) here so you can do it yourself and/or have the knowledge to find the right solutions that work for you

*yes, a regular antihero/grimple stix skateboard deck, with regular skateboard wheels. yes, i realize you don’t believe me, even though we met as i skated by.


long before the latest marketing jargon there were creators. i’m using the language that you would be sold on, telling you why it’s all bullshit, then actually showing you how to use all of it to accomplish (almost) anything yourself


i use wordpress to make websites for good people

i use the open source cms wordpress, hosting company pressable, and the jetpack plugin, to build homes on the interwebs for good folk. i don’t charge. i run on reciprocation if/when it’s given.


here’s a few things in my e-commerce store. showcasing people instead of products

learn to easily setup your own shop for art, physical goods, or anything you can dream of, free and easily