Nomad Skateboarding Welcomes You

Nomad Skateboarding’s purpose is to empower skaters, give out tools and support, and hopefully open possibilities within the skate industry that don’t just rely on becoming a sponsored pro rider for a core company (but if you have the ability and drive to go pro, fuck yeah, go for it!).

A main issue you will see highlighted here at NMS is one of ownership of content and persona.

Fuck the G-rides, I want the machines that are making them…

Rage Against The Machine – Down Rodeo

Owning your own content, your own effort, and your own experience is not only valuable, it’s important. This Nomad Skateboarding site itself is an example of what you can do. We’ll continue to add and expand skateboarding content and related support, while literally showing in real-time how we are doing so.

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