Nomading Skateboarding

How I Got Here – Skateboarding Across The States

This was original post to the Instagram. Posting here for context.

Heading out within 24 hours to #skateboard from Boston #eastcoast to San Francisco #westcoast. How I got here I’ll fill in along the way, but mostly I’ll be sharing what being a ‘skater’ means to those of us not in the magazines via the lenses of the #goodfolk I know will be throughout my path. It’s skateboarding, right? We wouldn’t be here if not for the abundance of awesome guys and girls that make up this thing we all love.

The newly minted website (live, still under construction, so if you want to see in real time how you can build one yourself, shop, forums, job board, groups, and everything from a skating paradigm, come on by early, link in bio) I built myself will be the repository for all things #NomadSkateboarding. The #localskateshops and #skateparks , the people and the roads traveled to get there, and most of all I want to answer the question: can you skate as your livelihood without being a pro or working in a shop?

With all of the new tech and the ability to be connected with no fixed residence, are there more roads leading to a lifetime of skating that’s not secondary or in between or when you can? I believe so… In fact I’m betting my life on it 🀘

Thank you to @taborcoates , Teddy, whole @easternboarder crew for being some of the best humans there are…30 years strong🀘 Now the shop is with @newtraditioncompany and @heartlandbarber and coffee 😊 When everyone else questioned my sanity, this whole community did the opposite and gave me a place to count on for soul support. (You should go by today and check out the new hand painted signage that welcomes you!)

And for allowing me to get on my way with no worries about my gear, sincere thank you @rockslide_sales & @nhsfunfactory. One of the best moments ever for me 🀘 #SmoothSpeed

For the literal inspiration @antihero18 @grimplestix . From the outside looking in, that’s how I see the situation as well. I appreciate you all 🀘

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