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Nomad Skateboarding is an open source project & welcomes all contributors – writers, photographers, artists & musicians.

Skateboarders are multifaceted creatives by nature. NSB is a welcoming home to any skater’s content.

Send an email to our Editor and let us know what you have to say. #SkatersTogether

Instagram Update:

If you’re a #skateboarder, a #skateshop, or in any way involved with skating and need a #website, #webdesign , or any support regarding owning your own content and and having your voice heard, contact and we’ll help for #free.

I’m Mark Andrew, currently the main energy behind and its sister sites. Whether you need a site built or not, I’d like to invite everyone with something to say to get involved. I personally don’t have a pot to piss in, but I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to let that stop me from continuing to speak truth to power, and doing everything I can to support those saying the shit that matters.

There’s no sales. No ads. No analytics or collection of your data. And there’s no need for you to buy into that shit, either.

We’re actively looking for contributors as well. Especially now, if you have something important to say or share regarding the fucked up world we’re in, how to make changes, or just how you view things through a skaters lens, you have a platform.

*These hashtags let you know where we stand. If any of these offend your sensibilities, fuck off.

#blacklivesmatter #lgbtq #fuckhate #skateboarding #SkatersTogether

By Mark Andrew

Skateboarding across the world and through life. Open Source everything.

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