International Women’s Day – Fistula Foundation Fundraiser

International Women’s Day – Fistula Foundation Fundraiser

On International Women’s Day, empower women the BEST way you can — by donating to one of the most EFFECTIVE orgs for women.

Fistula Foundation empowers women… in the “worst places on earth to be a woman.” And they do so with extreme effectiveness.

Every $598 FF receives, is another woman CURED from a horrific childbirth injury.

Fistula Foundation is widely regarded as one of the most effective charities in the world… by The Life You Can Save; Charity Navigator; and all other third parties.

+ I — Thomas — WILL BE MATCHING DONATIONS… through $598!

+ An anonymous donor to FF will ALSO be MATCHING ALL DONATIONS through March 8.

= 4X donations. Every $5 you give = $20 they receive.

Please learn more about this incredible organization at

Thank you for your support!

[Fine print: I will make a donation to this FB fundraiser March 8, just before midnight. I will match whatever has been donated, up to $598. The anonymous donor is working directly with FF and will be matching our funds outside of this specific page.]

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