Nomad Skateboarding is an open source cooperative.

I’m Mark-Andrew. I’m helping build Nomad Skateboarding. I believe in open source and transparency. I believe that privacy is not only important but required. I believe in skateboarders and skateboarding.

Nomad Skateboarding is my life. It’s deciding that at 43 (turn 45 this year) I was going to be a skateboarder every moment or die trying. So I took off with my board, a backpack, and an open world in front of me. While I’ll never be a pro, being on the board and giving back to the community are the only two things I wish to spend my time on. #SkatersTogether

Here’s our current contributors.


Skateboarder / Editor

That’s a first name, like Billy Bob, but from New England.

Currently skateboarding across the USA from East to West. Destination San Francisco.
You can find me on my personal site, on Instagram @mark.andrew.skates, and I write under my own name for Nomad Skateboarding here @nomadskating.
Contact me directly: Click to open email client and send message.


Web Designer / Contributor

Hey I’m Kate, I’m a skateboarder from Alaska. Yes, you read that right- A skater from Alaska. And no there isn’t snow here year round. I am married to a wonderful man named Ray, I am a dog mom to an adorable puppy named Brandon, I’m a webdesigner, and a follower of Jesus!

I have been a skater for 21 of my 26 years. Got my 1st board at 5 and have been hooked since! Skateboarding has been my #1 passion my whole life.
I want as much of my life as possible to be focused on and fueled towards supporting skaters, teaching beginners, supporting local skate shops, raising up more women skaters, and bringing the focus of skating back to what it has always been about-freedom.
Shred on my dudes! 🤘🏼