Nomad Skateboarding is an open source cooperative.

I’m Mark-Andrew. I’m helping build Nomad Skateboarding. I believe in open source and transparency. I believe that privacy is not only important but required. I believe in skateboarders and skateboarding.

Nomad Skateboarding is my life. It’s deciding that at 43 (turn 45 this year) I was going to be a skateboarder every moment or die trying. While I’ll never be a pro, being on the board and giving back to the community are the only two things I wish to spend my time on. #SkatersTogether

Here’s our current contributors.



That’s a first name, like Billy Bob, but from New England.

You can find me on my personal site, on Instagram @mark.andrew.skates, and I write under my own name for Nomad Skateboarding here @nomadskating. Contact me directly: Click to open email client and send message.


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