Nomad Skateboarding’s purpose is to empower skateboarders with free tools & support.

We believe skateboarding is intrinsically a worthwhile pursuit.

We believe skateboarding is always lead by the next generation.

We believe skateboarders and the core companies that have sustained skateboarding deserve to be paid and to be praised.

We also believe if a company enters skating solely as a profit-making endeavor they can go fuck themselves.

– The Management

👆 A direct homage to AH18.

Mark-Andrew *building this shit one day at a time

Crossing Connecticut with Frank

Nomad Skateboarding is my life. It’s deciding that at 43 (turned 45 this year) I was going to be a skateboarder every moment or die trying. So I took off with my board, a backpack, and an open world in front of me. While I’ll never be a pro, being on the board and giving back to the community are the only two things I wish to spend my time on. Currently skateboarding across the USA from East to West. Destination DLXSF, San Francisco.