Skateboarding in Alaska?!

Hey, I’m Kate. I was born and raised in Alaska, and have been a skateboarder my whole life.  I grew up on the island of Kodiak where there is a very small skate scene. In the late 90’s-early 2000’s there was a fairly large number of skaters here, but as time progressed and things like… Continue reading Skateboarding in Alaska?!

Skaters Vote

The big one’s coming up and Skaters Vote makes it easy to register. We’ve got a responsibility to be part of the process. Let’s make our votes count! Thrasher Magazine Skaters Vote About Info Skateboarding is a global community. From the national level to the local, governmental policy and politics impacts our lives and love… Continue reading Skaters Vote

Skateboarding Always Has A Beginning

Nomad Skateboarding is an open source project & welcomes all contributors – writers, photographers, artists & musicians. Skateboarders are multifaceted creatives by nature. NSB is a welcoming home to any skater’s content. Send an email to our Editor and let us know what you have to say. #SkatersTogether Instagram Update: If you’re a #skateboarder, a… Continue reading Skateboarding Always Has A Beginning