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A better internet.
For everyone.

Scroll is built for those people who believe that the internet can be better.

Getting off the darkest timeline

We asked ourselves: how would the internet have evolved if ads had never existed. How would a better internet work?

Illustration of a side-by-side comparison of a busy computer screen with lots of ad next to a clean, ad-free experience with Scroll.

  • It would be blazing fast, no ad technology slowing things down.
  • It would be clean, no clickbait links at the bottom of articles.
  • It would be private, no shadowy trackers selling your data.
  • It would encourage quality—paying for engagement, not clicks.

It sounded good. So we decided to build it.

How Scroll works

Scroll distributes your membership to sites you read based on their share of your engagement. Those sites make more money than they would from showing you ads and deliver you a faster, better experience. Every month, we’ll tell you where your membership went and which sites you supported.