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Monthly Recurring Support

You may have heard of Patreon? It’s exactly like that, except completely different.

You will be asked to sign up for an Automatic account (as you would be asked to sign up for a Patreon account).

But there will be no behind the scenes collection of your personal information other than asking for your email for verification and security.

Monthly support is the best means currently of keeping Nomad Skateboarding rolling along.

Whether you click on $5 or $10 contribution you will be able to put in any amount that you feel comfortable with, from $5 a month to $100, or anywhere in between.

There’s no contract or commitment regardless, and a cancel link for both your donation and account will be clearly visible in the confirmation email.

WordPress (Automatic) is open source. Over 30% of every single website on the internet runs on it.

Surprising stat and exactly the point: don’t believe what Patreon, Squarespace, Shopify, Big Cartel, or any of the others try and sell you about what it takes to have control of your content and a means of support for your passions, because selling you is exactly what they do.

If $5 is above your current pay grade or you just don’t want to sign up for a monthly support bump for Nomad Skateboarding, please see one time donation below 🤘

Total Monthly & One-Time Donations with Amount Going to the Listed Good Folk

Total Monthly Members3$15
Total One-Time Donation0$0
Grind For Life15%$2.25
Roll for Rob15%$2.25
Preston Maigetter Memorial Fund15%$2.25

Nomad Skateboarding is currently donating 45% of all support directly back to the above listed absofuckinglutely rad people.

When/if we reach $300 for a month, the entirety of any additional support sent to Nomad Skateboarding will be immediately passed along and listed above. (Current budget for us is $10 per day, that includes food, shelter, clothing, and bills, with enough left over to grab some gear at the core Skate Shops occasionally)

If you know someone involved in Skateboarding that has a support site, please let us know. Yeah, that’s all it takes to get involved with us if you are truly down for the cause.

One Time Donation