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All money can be viewed in the Open Financials below. The number you input next to the PayPal button is the dollar amount. Every donation is directly put back into the skateboarding community. #SkatersTogether


Nomad Skateboarding Doesn’t Sell Anything

We use no cookies or analytics to sell your information. We have no ads. We have no affiliate links ‘even though they pay us, that doesn’t influence us’ bullshit.

Your Support Allows:

  • Mark-Andrew to continue his trip across the USA on his skateboard, shining a light on everyone involved in skateboarding you never heard of unless you were there.
  • Build websites for skateboarders, shops, and companies for free. *See FAQ’s
  • Directly support the skateboarding community by paying the contributors to Nomad Skateboarding a direct percentage of all support received.
  • Give another platform and voice to all the fucking rad people you’ll find in our Shop and on our Blog.
  • Send direct help to the causes listed in Good Folk We Support.

Monthly Recurring Support

There is none currently. To always keep your security first in mind, there will be no monthly recurring support options until Nomad Skateboarding can purchase the Subscriptions add-on from WooCommerce for $199.

Why? This site is an example of using WooCommerce to own your digital presence and shop. In order to have the security and control of your most important data, your support payments, we will wait until subscriptions can be installed. This will give you complete control as a supporter, while ensuring no third parties have access to any of your information.

*We’ll starve before we compromise on your privacy and trust. That’s why this entire site, and Mark Andrew’s entire life, is an open source project. We may not have much, but we will always have the courage of our convictions as skateboarders and human beings.

Good Folk We Support

Nomad Skateboarding donates 10% of all support we receive directly back to the community – regardless of our own bills. If you know someone involved in Skateboarding that is promoting a needed cause or is in need, please let us know.

Causes & PeoplePercent of Money DonatedTotal Monthly Donation
Grind For Life25%$2.50
Preston Maigetter Memorial Fund25%$2.50
Redistributed Monthly Donations10%$5.00
If the amounts seem low you can change that immediately by donating now. Either way, you are awesome if you’re reading this 🙂

Open Financials

This is an open and transparent record of financials for Nomad Skateboarding and its owner, Mark Andrew. All receipts and records are available for review to anyone involved with Nomad skateboarding in any capacity: supporters, contributors, and partners.

Monthly BillsYearly Bills
$45 – Pressable Website Hosting$240 – Vimeo
$5 – Talkin’ Schmit support$110 – Hey Email
$5 – Big Orange Heart support$10 – Bit Warden
$5 – Mozilla support$45 – Pocket
$3 – Scroll$250 – Mint Mobile
$300 – Food & Water
Mar 1, 2020

Switch to 100% donation revenue model.

All assets: $1,200

Mar 1, 2020
May 1, 2020

$50 – First donation from a skater for helping with web development. Mark Andrew purchases new gear for skating across the USA.

Assets: – $100

May 1, 2020
Jun 1, 2020

Finishing touches on Nomad Skateboarding website. First contributor, Kate, joins.

Assets: – $200

Jun 1, 2020
Jul 1, 2020

Mark-Andrew back on the streets pushing his board cross-country. Entire life in a backpack.

Assets: -700

Jul 1, 2020